Over 38 years Experience On Hydraulic Concrete Breakers, Sheers, Pulverizers, Compactors and Hand Held Tools.
 A brief History of R. H. Services
1988 -- Ross Hjellum started working on hydraulic concrete breakers.
1990 -- R. H. Services was started.
1993 -- Started being a dealer for Soosan America Inc. now SAI.
1994 -- R. H. Services hired our current shop forman Wes Hjellum.
1996 -- Starded being a dealer for Stanley Works, Hydraulic Tools Division - Mounted Breakers. Have expanded that relationship to inclued Hydraulic Railroad Tools/Hand Tools
1999 -- Added Okada to the list of Attachment Companies we deal for.
2000 -- 2005 Added Allied Construction Products/Rammer/Sandvic, Atlas Copco, Huskie/Izumi, Cal, Daemo, Tramac, IR, Hammeroc, Matweld, Crossbow/Arrowhead, and many more to both the hand tools / railroad equipment as well as mounted attachments.
2005 -- Bought current facility.
2011 -- Started website.

We have worked on tens of thousands of breakers in the intervening years. Hundreds of machines and plumbing systems have been installed, repaired or modified to work multiple attachments.

No other company in Southern California has this much experience working on hydraulic attachments, and specializing in breakers. All brands of breakers, that’s over 40 brands of breakers.

Our customer list includes almost all of the dealers in So-Cal., hundreds of contractors and owner operators. That is knowledge, experience, and dependability working for you.
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