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New Lubricator Pump for Hydraulic Breakers!
HAMMERDOCTOR.COM is now offering the new HTL 429 Lubricator Pump for
hydraulic tools. Designed to deliver precise lubrication each time a hammer or
other hydraulically driven tool cycles, the pump is ideal for construction OEMs,
hydraulic hammer retrofits, demolition attachments and medium to large

The pump is manufactured by Lincoln of St. Louis, Missouri, a world leader in
the manufacture and sale of lubrication and pumping equipment for use in
vehicle service and industry.

The unique HTL 429 Pump protects your Critical Breakers / Hammers with
precise, consistent lubrication, allowing your operator to lubricate the hammer
without leaving the cab. The pump attaches directly to the hammer and is
connected to the hydraulic power supplier of the carrier. When the operator
pushes the pedal to activate the hammer, the grease pump is activated,
automatically sending a single shot of grease to lubricate the bearing points.
When the operator’s foot comes off the pedal and hydraulic fluid pressure is removed from the hammer, the drop in pressure releases the spring in the pump and recharges it so it is ready to lubricate again the next time the device is activated. This fully automatic system reduces machine repairs and replacement costs, and no work interruption means increased productivity.

Installed directly on the hammer, the pump travels with your hammer, not your machine, making it perfect for rental equipment or hammers used on multiple machines. The HTL 429 is easy to use and maintain. It has a visual low-level indicator and utilizes standard 14.5-ounce grease cartridges for convenient refilling. An attached grease fitting allows for manual filling and fast priming of the pump. Optional metering plugs offer four basic delivery rates per stroke of the lubricator. The ability to pump either chisel paste or standard grease and to adjust the delivery rate allows you to utilize the HTL 429 pump on several sizes and types of hydraulically driven tools.
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