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Specializing in:
Breakers, Hammers, Pulverizers, Shears, Compactors, Magnets, Concrete Cutters, Grapples,
Railroad & Hand tools -Impacts, Grinders, Cutters, Cuttoff Saws, Pullers, Drivers,
Tools, Bits, Chisel, Blunt, Moil,
Parts for all of the above,
We put our name behind only the top of the line hydraulic Tools and Attachments. While we service all we sell only the bestTools and Attachments, only the best Handheld tools, Railroad tools,
and Parts.  We specialize in Hydraulic Breakers/Hammer also known as hydraulic rock breakers
Our hydraulic breakers are compatible with all types and sizes of equipment ranging from very small carriers like skid steers, mini excavators, or remotely operated excavators to the largest excavators.  Whether breaking up a concrete slab or driveway, demolishing large boulders, digging trenches, mining, landscaping or quarries, we have the hammer to complete the job with ease, efficiency, and maximizing your business potential.  Our recommendation varies by carrier and needs. Breakers very in the performance and so some fit better on different carriers, also price makes a difference, not in quality or power with the brands we carry, but features and warranty.
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Comparing hydraulic breakers
Published 10/27/2009

....A typical breaker spec sheet includes impact rate, working tool diameter, operating specifications and a weight range of appropriate carriers. But things can get complicated with power output claims that are often just based on estimates. 
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Impacting Hydraulic Breaker Longevity
Published 06/11/2007
Rock has literally been around forever. Breaking rock is still a work in progress, but the evolution of breaker technology over the years has made the task considerably easier.
The different environments in which breakers must work present a variety of challenges, ...While almost any breaker on the market can accomplish the basic task of breaking material, not every breaker will have the same service life or perform up to the requirements of a specific job.  
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